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Proposal ideas

She will always remember your proposal.
Here are some ideas.

Please email us your special proposal memories.

Pop the question at the location where you had your first date.
Bring her one rose each night, for 11 nights. On the 12th night, give her a rose with a card inside that asks you to marry her. Then get on one knee and put the engagement ring on her finger.
At a Chinese restaurant, with the fortune in the cookie asking her to marry you . (we have fortune cookies for our customers)
Go to your favorite karaoke place and sing your favorite love song. Then, as the song ends, ask her to come up to the front, then propose in front of everyone!
Hire a car service that has classic cars, such as vintage Rolls Royces, and drive around to romantic areas for an hour. Have the driver stop at a place that holds special meaning and propose. Then, spend the second hour of your elegant drive cuddling and enjoying your first hour as an engaged couple!
Plan a treasure hunt with the clues leading her to a note that asks her to marry you.
If you attend a place of worship, walk up with her to the altar following a service. With the pastor, priest or rabbi there (and in on the surprise) tell her you want to stand at this location with her when you become husband and wife. Then get on one knee and propose!
When your favorite singer or band is in town, propose just before your favorite song is sung.
Carefully open a box of Cracker Jacks, steam open the prize packet and place the real engagement ring in and re-glue packet and box. Casually give her the box of Cracker Jacks during a movie and watch closely as she opens the prize.
Propose in the lounge of a romantic restaurant over a champagne toast. The next big surprise will come when you are seated at your table, and you pre-arranged to have her closest friends and family members there to celebrate in the engagement dinner.
Following a romantic dinner – have the waiter bring out her favorite dessert and the proposal written out around the plate.
Treat her to a decadent breakfast at a five-star hotel, and tell her that you couldn’t wait until evening to ask her to marry you.
Have a wine tasting party at your house, with all the bottles covered up. Then, have her unwrap the bottles and have her tell everyone what type of wine they were drinking, and one of the bottles will have a label that reads “Will you marry me?”
Take out a small ad in the newspaper in a section she always reads, and write out your proposal.
Write your own proposal poem and put it in a book that has her favorite poetry.
Ride a hot air balloon and, as you take off, have the staff below unroll a banner with your proposal.
Plant your proposal as a message in a bottle and partially cover it with sand on the beach.
Hire a friend to take photos of you both just for fun. Then, surprise her by getting down on one knee and proposing. You’ll have photos you’ll both cherish forever.
Hide her ring in a bouquet of flowers with the note providing a clue that there is something unique about this arrangement.
Hide her engagement ring in a box of delicious chocolates!
Spell out your proposal during a mock-game of Scrabble.

Anniversaries Celebrate your love

  • FirstGold
  • SecondGarnet
  • ThirdPearls
  • FourthBlue Topaz
  • FifthSapphire
  • SixthAmethyst
  • SeventhOnyx
  • Eighth Tourmaline
  • NinthLapis
  • TenthDiamonds
  • EleventhTurquoise
  • TwelfthJade
  • ThirteenthCitrine
  • FourteenthOpal
  • FifteenthRuby
  • SixteenthPeridot
  • SeventeenthWatch
  • EighteenthCat's Eye
  • NineteenthAquamarine
  • TwentiethEmerald
  • Twenty-firstIolite
  • Twenty-secondSpinel
  • Twenty-thirdImperial Topaz
  • Twenty-fourthTanzanite
  • Twenty-fifthSilver Jubilee
  • ThirtiethPearl Jubilee
  • Thirty-fifthEmerald
  • FortiethRuby
  • Forty-fifthSapphire
  • FiftiethGolden Jubilee
  • Fifty-fifthAlexandrite
  • SixtiethDiamond Jubilee